Case Results

Workers' Compensation

We have represented hundreds of injured workers for on-the-job injuries ranging from broken little fingers to permanent and total disability injuries to death cases. We have recovered millions of dollars over the years for our clients.

Social Security Disability

We have helped hundreds of clients receive their social security disability. We have a very high success rate in these cases and have helped clients with a wide array of injuries and illnesses.

Products Liability - $1,275,000.00

Our client was driving a gas truck when he was going down a hill and could not stop and was struck by a train. Our client's truck exploded and he died. We uncovered evidence that the gas truck's brakes had recently been serviced and later inspected. While the brakes were defective, nothing was done to repair the brakes. We were able to settle with both the garage who last serviced the brakes and the inspectors of the brakes. We also recovered workers' compensation death benefits for the family.

Products Liability - $600,000.00

A worker at a lumber plant was trying to clear a log jammed in a chipper with a metal pole. As he did this, electricity arced to the pole from a low power line directly over the employee's head, permanently injuring the employee's left arm. We represented the worker in his claim for damages due to a products liability theory for a flawed design at the plant and for workers' compensation benefits.

Motor Vehicle Accident - $6,325,000.00

A grandmother was taking her grandchildren to her house when a man speeding in the truck behind her ran into the back of her car. The grandmother and her grandson had severe, but non-life threatening injuries but the granddaughter was severely injured as a result of the collision. We were able to prove to a jury's satisfaction that the man who hit our client was not only at fault for the accident, but that he was also on-the-job. The jury returned a verdict against both the driver of the truck and his employer.

Motor Vehicle Accident - $2,400,000.00

A local pastor and his wife were driving on a rural two lane road when an overloaded and speeding 18-wheeler hauling coal lost control and entered the pastor's lane, causing him to run off the road and causing he and his wife severe injuries.

Products Liability - $1,800,000.00

Our client was working in the underground coal mines when the roof bolter he was using malfunctioned causing a roof bolt to hit our client in the head causing him a severe head injury. We were able to prove that the roof bolter malfunctioned and settle the case with the manufacturer.

Motor Vehicle Accident - $750,000.00

A car pulled out in front of our client, a lady who drove a van that transported disabled people around town. The resulting collision caused our client to suffer severe back pain for which she had to seek treatment. We were able to settle this case after a pre-suit deposition and without even filing a lawsuit.

Products Liability - $500,000.00

Our client suffered from brain damage due to the fumes he inhaled while painting vehicles and airplanes. The masks provided by the paint manufacturer were insufficient and we were able to show through testimony and documents that the deficient masks caused our clients damages.

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