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Representing the Dog Bite Victims in Walker County, AL

Need an attorney for a dog bite case in Walker County? Being victim to a vicious dog bite attack can be a very traumatic experience. Not only is a person not expecting the attack, but the dog bite itself can be extremely painful and cause severe injuries. If you or someone you love has been injured by dog bite attack in Alabama, it is important to discuss your case with an experienced Jasper personal injury attorney immediately. At Warren & Associates, LLC, we can help you understand your rights and see to it that you are fully aware of your legal options. We are committed to providing our clients with the representation they deserve as a victim of a dog bite and steering them towards results that are in their best interest.

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What if I am injured by a dog bite on the owner's property?

A person is held responsible for any damages that their dog causes to an individual who is lawfully on their property. When another individual is lawfully on the owner's property, it means that the owner invited or welcomed them in. If the individual gets injured, the owner is then held responsible for paying the expenses involved. This includes events in which the dog is on the owner's property and chases the person and harms them outside of the owner's property.

Exceptions include instances in which a person has trespassed on the other person's property or they were lawfully on the property but provoked the dog to attack. The only way the owner can get out of paying for some of the damages involved is to prove that they were not aware of their dog's malicious and dangerous behavior.

Other Dog Bite Laws in Alabama

In addition to dig bite attacks that occur on the dog owner's property, there are other laws that are set into place in Jasper, AL. These include:

  • Outside of the Owner's Property: When a person is attacked outside of an owner's property, the common laws are set into place. The owner is then responsible for paying for the actual expenses involved with the dog bite. If the injured person can prove that the owner was fully aware of the dog's dangerous behavior, the owner may then be responsible for paying for the additional damages related to their pain and suffering.
  • Rabid Dogs: If a dog has rabies and the owner is aware of this, they are responsible for paying twice the amount of damages that is caused to the injured person.
  • Dangerous Dogs: An owner must be aware of the dangers that their breed of dog may be capable of. The owner is liable for paying for the expenses involved if they fail to maintain proper care over their dog.

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