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Searching for a lawyer for a pedestrian accident in Walker County? As a pedestrian walking from point A to point B you should feel safe from harm as long as you are abiding by the traffic laws. Under the law a pedestrian has the right of way, but unfortunately there are instances when drivers are negligent do not see a pedestrian in the crosswalk.

Statistics on Pedestrian Accidents

In the United States in 2012 alone there were roughly 4,743 pedestrians killed and 76,000 pedestrians injured. According to those numbers provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, pedestrian accidents make up 14% of all traffic fatalities in the country. When drivers fail to look in either direction and they are not aware of the presence of surrounding pedestrians the consequences can be catastrophic.

We want to remind you that as a pedestrian you have certain rights in the event that you are injured in a pedestrian accident. If you have sustained injuries or lost a loved due to a negligent driver, then you have the legal right to seek out financial compensation from the driver who was responsible for the accident. Remember that the longer you wait the harder it may be to prove your case. Our legal team can help preserve the evidence in your case and secure witness testimonies before it is too late. Without an attorney on your side, the insurance companies will most likely try to take advantage of you and make a profit of your case. We want to prevent that from happening!

Let us Put Our 23 Years of Experience to Work for You

Here at Warren & Associates, LLC our mission is to protect the rights of injured pedestrians and we are on a relentless pursuit of justice. Pedestrian accidents are similar to car accident cases, in that it is always wise to hire an experienced and determined legal advocate to handle the insurance companies on your behalf. Our legal team of injury attorneys can conduct an investigation as to how the accident occurred, who was at fault and how your injuries were sustained and we can gather evidence to support your claim.

Our premier Jasper personal injury law firm has built up a rapport with the car insurance companies and we also have an unmatched level of willpower when it comes to recovering the full amount of compensation you deserve. If you or someone you love has been injured in a pedestrian accident in Walker County, be sure to speak with a representative from our firm. We offer a free initial case evaluation so call us now at (205) 221-1044.

Types of Pedestrian Accidents

Although the majority of pedestrian accidents involve a motor vehicle, pedestrians can also sustain injuries from other dangerous conditions including:

  • Uneven Sidewalks
  • Large Potholes in the Sidewalk or Parking Lot
  • Poorly Maintained Walkways
  • Sharp Objects
  • Slippery Surfaces

In cases like these there may be a third party property owner or municipality that could be held accountable for your injuries. We can help you go after a wide variety of damages including:

  • Lost Earnings
  • Past and Future Medical Costs
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Property Damage

Sometimes punitive damages can also be recovered. No matter how minor or catastrophic your injuries may be, our firm will work tirelessly to recover the maximum injury settlement that you are entitled to.

Have Your Case Reviewed For Free

If you believe you have sufficient evidence to prove that a negligent driver or third party municipality is responsible for your injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident, then take legal action today. At Warren & Associates, LLC we provide clients with a free initial case evaluation and we can inform you of your rights and your options.

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