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Need an attorney for a bicycle accident case in Jasper? As a bicyclist in Alabama you have the right to be out on the roads without having to worry for your safety. Unfortunately, there are some people who driver carelessly and are not considerate to the safety of bicyclists on the roads. If you were riding your bicycle down the street and you were hit and injured by a negligent driver, then you could be eligible for compensation. Here at Warren & Associates, LLC we have been serving injury bicyclists and other injury victims in Jasper for over 23 years. If you have sustained serious injuries in a bicycle accident then we can help evaluation the damages and seek the full injury settlement that you deserve. Allow our firm to assist you throughout this difficult process.

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Types of Bicycle Accident Injuries

When a motor vehicle collides with a bicyclist, the end result could be catastrophic or even fatal. Bicyclists have very little protection to the elements, which makes riding a bicycle very dangerous if other drivers are not careful. Many times these types of accidents can lead to life-altering, permanent injuries. If you or a loved one was hit while riding a bicycle, then speak to our personal injury attorney without delay. Below are the most common injuries that we see in bicycle accident cases:

Common Causes for Bicycle Accidents

Why do bicycle accidents happen? The main issue with bicycle accidents stems from negligent drivers who are not being cautious and looking out for bicyclists. Many drivers change lanes without really looking and they run into a bicyclist who is riding on the side of the road. Other times drivers make a turn without looking both ways and they hit a cyclist who is riding across the intersection. Many times the bicyclist is abiding by all the traffic laws and may even have the right of way, but drivers just don't take the time to check to make sure the road is clear.

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Here at the firm we take on all types of personal injury cases including bicycle accident cases. Our Jasper personal injury lawyers have extensive trial experience and we are dependable advocates in your time of need. We represent bicycle accident victims in Jasper and all throughout Walker County and we have recovered millions for previous clients. Contact Warren & Associates, LLC today to schedule your free consultation and get started on your case today!