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Premises liability is an area of personal injury law that deals with the responsibility that property owners have to maintain their land and to keep it safe for visitors, invitees, and other authorized individuals. When an injury occurs on the property of another, the property owner may be held responsible for this injury depending on the circumstances of the case. Various types of accidents that can occur on property can include falling objects, animal attacks, and slip and fall accidents.

Slip and fall incidents can be among the more-serious types of premises liability cases. A property owner is required to keep their land, store, or business premises safe by cleaning up spills to prevent slip and fall accidents. Owners are also required to provide reasonable warning of any dangers on the property. Other circumstances in which a slip and fall accident may occur can include the following:

  • Dangers at a construction site, including uneven walkways
  • Wet surfaces of floors of a store or other business
  • Unseen objects in a poorly lit area
  • Falling objects from a store shelf, building or other structure

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If you have suffered an injury through a slip and fall accident due to the negligence of another, then it is important that you seek legal representation to help you pursue the results that you need today! At Warren & Associates, LLC, we understand the difficulties associated with your case, and you can be sure that we will stand by you throughout the duration of this situation. Our experience in handling premises liability cases enables us to help you hold store and business owners and others responsible for property maintenance and job site safety responsible for causing your injury and providing you with just compensation.

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